Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday miscellaney

Why yes, this is a day late. My eyes were dilated so far and for so long yesterday that I still looked liked a drugged up wild woman at bedtime. Reading a computer screen was beyond my abilities.

Things are better now.

Yes, I had the annual eye appointment yesterday. Some highlights:

They have a new machine that not only measures your eyes for contacts, but through some magic actually figures out your prescription. It also blinds you (big flash of blue light). It's two weeks old - my eye doc does like his toys.

It's very flattering when the technician running the machine repeatedly tells you to open your eyes really, really wide, because your eyelashes are so long they keep getting in the way (I never wear mascara - don't need it :).

My eye doc is a runner/ marathon guy. I idly asked if he had done any of the races here this past weekend for fun. He said no; he was in Texas doing the Ironman Texas.

In 105 degree heat.

The man is nuts (and nine months younger than me). This was not his first Ironman by any means, though he doesn't plan to go back to this one. When I asked how he finished, he remarked, "Well, I'm not dead".

Totally unrelated: The head of a string mop sat in the middle of the road on my route to work. It actually looked pretty clean. Do these things just walk out into the road?


melissa said...

Tripping over the fact of you having such wonderful eyelashes. Me, not so much. Most of our kids inherited their dad's long, black lashes. I'm left with stubby, light ones.


Diane said...

Try vitamin B6. It will grow them wonderfully - along with *all* your other hair. I've been taking it to help with the hair on my head thinning a bit, and the full eyelashes are a bonus side effect.

Although, I've actually caught one eyelash that was...grey! Ugh.