Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I prepare for a heat wave the way most people prepare for a snowstorm, with a few modifications.

Grocery store trip to stock up on supplies? Check.

Fill the car (though not all the way) with gas? Check.

Make sure the A/C is in working order? Check.

Chill a couple of bottles of wine? Check.
There's nothing worse in my mind than needing to run in and out of various stores when the parking lots feel like the surface of the sun. The twenty or more degree temperature changes cannot be good for you. So...I try to get all the little errands done before the mercury climbs.

The main floor of the condo stays deliciously cool. My bedroom, while upstairs, has a vent that sits pretty much right on top of the blower for the air conditioning, and can be downright frigid if the door to the room is kept shut.

(side note: Who the heck decided it was a good idea to put heating/cooling vents eight feet up on the wall? I need a ladder just to adjust the vent, and that's just not going to happen. Thank heaven I like it cool when I sleep.)

Two days of blistering heat, followed by five of merely boiling heat.

I think I'm ready. Pass the wine.


Robbo said...

It's on its way here,too. Another item of preparation for me is to get all my business clothes to the cleaners and back. You only wear a jacket or pair of pants once between cleanings in that muck.

Diane said...

I do a lot of laundry when it's hot - fortunately, the university is on the "casual" end of business casual; I retired my nice suits years ago.

melissa said...

Yeah, yesterday was a definite gift here. High around 91F., which in the south, is fair and dandy. Low humidity, which helps immensely. It's just before noon, now, and it's still nice outside. Sixties, last night. The rest of the week will be in the hundreds, before heat index.


Not sure why I'm giving you our weather report. Misery does love company!