Monday, June 25, 2012

A lovely morning

What a gorgeous morning - it was only 56 degrees when I left the house this morning, with full sunshine and a delightful breeze. The highs today and tomorrow are forecast as low seventies, with just as much sunshine as today. This is some of the best weather Wisconsin offers.

You may, however, want to leave town Tuesday night. The mercury is planning an escape out the top end of the thermometer, with a high (depending on who you believe) somewhere north of ninety-five, and a real possibility of triple digits on Thursday.

A local restaurant (with a wonderful outside patio) has been saying for weeks that they will offer $1 margaritas when the temperature hits 100 degrees. While they may have to make good on that this week, it may be too hot for people to come out.

The central air is working well at home. At work...hmmm. Let's just say that the hotter it is, the less efficient it is at cooling our office. Every summer we have an outage sometime during the hottest part of the year, so I'm anticipating a breakdown Wednesday morning, which should give enough time for the place to heat to unbearable by Thursday morning.

Maybe I'm just being a pessimist.

But before all that heat rolls in, it's dinner on the patio, windows open to the fresh breeze and a night without the air running. Good times, indeed.


Joy Foucault said...

...meanwhile at our house our eldest asked for a blanket at the breakfast table this morning and said she was"freezing"

melissa said...

Indeed jealous of your weather. Those temps. make my heart so happy, and I get so much done around here. The heat is so draining.

Enjoy it sugar-pie. Enjoy it well. :)

Diane said...

Poor Abigail! I suppose after last week, it really is freezing.

Melissa, I agree whole heartedly. Need to get groceries before the heat wave - otherwise, I'm too tired to do it.