Monday, February 01, 2010

Good news/bad news

Good news - the guy who came to give me the estimate on the dryer, when he saw the appliances, said the same thing the last repair guy said: Never get rid of these - these are the best washer and dryer Maytag ever made.

His estimate of the age - the dryer at a good thirty years, the washer closer to 35-38, agrees with what I know. As he pointed out, thirty years is a long time...

...and it is the motor that is shot.

A new motor is less expensive than a new dryer (and than some of the used ones at which I've looked on Craig's list), but it is a bit of a game-changer in the Grand Escape Plan v.2.5. The GEP2.5 says I will leave the washer and dryer here, a parting gift to the landlords and the new tenants. Both work very well (at least, when the dryer has a working motor), and after 18 years, I'm ready for a newer set.

But...with a investment in a new motor, the dryer may well outlast me. A new motor was put in the washer about ten years ago; it, too, has significant useful life left.

Original must-have list of features for a condo:
Central air
Inside parking
Gas fireplace

Laundry area large enough for old, over sized appliances

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