Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Slowing down by rushing things

Shhh...don't tell anyone who isn't ready to start thinking about Christmas. I almost hate to admit this, but I started working on my Christmas cards tonight.

I sent my first cards back in college - writing them out the weekend before exam week was a nice break from studying. Christmas carols in the air, hot chocolate to hand, friends to think about and a stack of cards to send. The rush of the season slowed down for a few hours, the mind-jangling demands of the to-do list receded and my attitude readjusted.

But five years ago life sort of exploded, and for several years I just didn't have the heart to send out anything. Last year, I did manage to send a few...and it felt a bit as if things had actually taken a turn for the better.

I'm not listening to carols tonight (I'm not that nuts), but I am doing the database entry for the list, as I'm sitting here at the computer watching Castle. Gotta love the modern age. While I will use preprinted (clear) return labels, the addresses will be written by hand; having them in a database lets me print out the list - all the addresses in one spot makes the process much easier. Without rushing, I should be ready to mail them December first...did I mention I already have my Christmas stamps?

Grace - as you can see, I do have another of those cards you liked so well - it's been sitting on my dresser since you mentioned you wished you had another one...what, back in January? Now it's sitting in my scanner...I will try to remember to bring it Sunday!

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