Monday, October 05, 2009

Game night

More than likely in violation of all sorts of copyright laws, my boss shared this as his "Monday morning message" today, and it was too cute not to pass on (orginal source is the Green Bay Press Gazette, in case you can't read it).

Poor Brett is getting a lot of flack for signing with the Vikings, yet I can't really blame him; he absolutely loves football and wants to play, no matter what. Would that we all had that attitude toward our work. Did he have to sign with our second most hated division rivals (the Bears are first, though it's a close call)? No, but he went where the best (only) offer was.

While I've stayed away from the local news over the weekend, it is impossible to completely avoid the hype over the Vikings-Packers match up tonight. Today was deemed a "casual day" at work, if you wore Packers (or Marquette) attire.

Although I do believe the e-mail announcing this said something to the effect that anyone who wore an old green and gold #4 jersey might end up in the basement cleaning out files all day...

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