Monday, October 05, 2009

Repl batt

Sunday afternoon, after shivering through a weekend in a chilly, dampish house, I finally gave up on frugal and went to turn on the furnace. But a little icon on the programmable thermostat flashed at me, "repl batt". Two tiny Philips head screws and three double A batteries later, it was back in business.

Tonight, I tried to take a picture of the chicken with wild rice soup to post, only to have the camera lens expand, then retract as the "replace battery pack" message flashed at me.

Low battery. Not enough juice. Running on empty.

I feel a bit like that at the moment: just enough power left to keep the clock running, but not enough to run the system. Not that I need to just crawl in bed and stay there for a week (although staying out until midnight Saturday, then getting up at five-thirty the next morning didn't exactly improve my sleep deficit); I just need a bit of a jump start. Out-of-the-rut activity. Or at least some time in the sunshine (which we haven't really seen for the last two weeks).

I'm feeling a road trip coming on...

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