Friday, October 02, 2009

Company Girls coffee - flotsam edition

I'm feeling a bit scattered, either due to lack of sufficient coffee, or the sugar high induced by the gigantic pecan rolls a coworker brought in (just a few bites of the half roll I took has my head spinning).

This is going to be a cool and shower-y weekend, which suits me fine, in spite of needing to make a few forays for supplies. Tonight I'm dropping my leather coat off to have the hem fixed; nowhere in my thirty years of sewing have I done any work on leather and I'm not about to start. Then a trip to grocery store #1 for sale items. Saturday, Target. Sunday, grocery #2 for the rest of the stuff.

A friend invited me to an appetizer-and-play event this Saturday; she periodically gets free tickets for these things from her financial advisor. The play is a one man show called Clarence Darrow, based on the book Clarence Darrow for the Defense, covering the attorney's career. The theatre is small - a fifty seat black box, which will put the actor pretty much "in your face", a challenge more for the audience than the actor, as it truly draws you into the story, whether or not you want to be there.

I just realized I have library books due today; add that to the errand list.

Heh - just saw that Chicago has been eliminated as a possible host city for the 2016 Olympics - in the first round of voting, no less. Why do I think this is more a comment on the world's perception of our leader than on Chicago's suitability as an Olympic venue? At any rate, it will certainly save a lot of hassle for Milwaukee, which Chicagoans seem to treat as a distant suburb of theirs.

Assuming I get to both grocery stores, part of the weekend will be spent cooking yummy things for the freezer. Four Five different soups made it onto the October menu plan; at least two of those freeze well. Being able to just grab a single container of soup from the freezer to take to work for lunch is wonderful. Even better yet is not having only one choice. I keep an over sized latte mug at work to use for soups, stews and meatballs; it works out well.

Better get back to it - Mondays are more pleasant when Friday has been productive!

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