Friday, September 18, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 091809

*Yawn* Excuse me, Ladies, I didn't take the time to have a cup of coffee until just a bit ago, in spite of getting up around 4:30. Let me check to see if there is anymore left in the office coffeepot...since I manged to break my own a two week weeks ago. Has it really been that long? Here's hoping this Friday night will be less eventful.

Since the weekend is once again going to be gorgeous, I'm considering doing the great fall car clean-out. Everything comes out (there's not much in the cab, but quite a bit in the trunk)(why does that sound vaguely like a description of me, rather than the car?), the car is vacuumed out and Armor-Alled to within an inch of its life, and (almost) everything goes back in. The important part is the reapplication of RainX to the front windows; it makes snow removal so very much easier.

As an FYI, the RainX people also make an anti-fog product that is sold for the interior of auto windows - but works even better when you use it on the mirrors in your bathroom. No more messing up the mirror by wiping a towel over it to remove the steam. Another multi-use product (if you can find it) is Johnson's Kitchen Wax. If you have an old porcelain sink, you can use the polish on the sink surface. Again, it helps stuff not stick, but also prevents stains. Reapply as needed.

The house only needs a quick basic clean - dust, vacuum, bath/kitchen maintenance. Now that it is a bit cooler, working on the wool-batting quilt is a possibility. No worries at all about that quilt being warm enough, I assure you.

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