Friday, September 04, 2009

Inauspicious start

Four day weekend. Hurray, right? Not so fast.

Horrendous drive home; people are maniacs, let's just leave it at that.

Arrive home, and notice the garage is finally demolished. Yay! Then again, if the garage is down, the next step would be jackhammering the slab out so they can pour a new one, right? Which would be done on Tuesday - my vacation day. Great.

Sit down to watch something on the computer. Landlord immediately fires up the lawn mower, right outside the (open) window. He purposely waits until I'm home to mow, I'm certain. It's a small lawn, but he's been at it for well over an hour.

In a freak accident, break bottom off of the carafe of the coffeemaker. I'm fairly certain I can't get a replacement part for less than the cost of a new coffeemaker. Not an urgent need; I can make do with the espresso maker, at least for a while.

In happier news, the second Amazon package arrived today. The plan is to put the new CD in the player as loud as it will go (to be heard over the lawnmower) and dance my way to a better beginning.

Pray I don't trip over anything.

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