Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pianoman bar

It seems we have a new hotspot in town - 88 Keys Piano Martini Lounge. Apparently, I've been more distracted than usual lately; in spite of living a scant five blocks away, as well as driving down Greenfield Avenue several times a week, I was completely unaware of this development.

What's more, I can't exactly place where it is. If it's where I think it is, it would be the formerly blue-fronted building on the south side of the street, to the left (east) of George Webb.

Mostly likely across the street from the tattoo parlor; we're nothing if not eclectic here in the 'Stallis.

While I have to commend the owners for their commitment to the city (they own the Painted Parrot, a personal favorite local eatery; in addition, the Barczak family has been very active in various civic endeavors for years), I do worry about the potential clientele. Within a short, slow-moving, boat-sized Buick's drive are three retirement communities.

Somehow, I'm not sure they would be happy to attract the blue-haired set that nurse a single martini all night whilst sending the piano player repeated requests for Hoagy Carmicheal's latest. Not that there's anything wrong with Carmichael's music (can anyone not play Heart and Soul?) ; it's just not the vibe they are going for, I think.

This has the makings of a decent outing - pizza and music at the piano bar, dessert at my place.

Anyone game?

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