Sunday, August 23, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie...

It's been a bit like living in that children's book around here this weekend. Remember my excitement over the recliner? Since June 3rd it has taken up most of the room in my tiny foyer, looking forlorn and abandoned. But the existing living room furniture required rearranging to make a place for it. Before that happened, the floor space was needed to lay out a couple of quilts. Before I could do that, I had to make sure I had enough batting and get the picture.

Tired of tripping over the chair every time I used the door, I finally buckled down Saturday, thoroughly cleaning the living and dining rooms, including shoving the furniture around. The quilts would get done when they got done; I would simply have to move the recliner out of the way when I got the urge to layer the quilts.

Which would be today.

Don't ask. The weather is delightful; rather than going out for a walk, I spent the last hour or so crawling around on the floor getting high from the adhesive fumes. I did take pictures; however, after I transferred them to the computer (and deleted them from the camera - silly, efficient me) I managed to delete all of them from the computer as well.

You would think after yesterday's coffee incident, I'd have been more on my guard.

One quilt is completely layered and ready to go; the pieced top of the second is attached to the batting, but the backing needs to be put together before I can finish layering it.

Which means I need to clean the sewing room.

See what I mean?

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