Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some days, you should just stay in bed

Who gets up at quarter to five on a Saturday? Nutcases like me, who rise an hour earlier during the work week. The plan was to take it slow - put the coffee on, read the paper on-line while enjoying a cup, then start the dusting (or any other cleaning task that isn't noisy - don't want to wake the people upstairs).

Put the coffee on; go into office to check e-mail.

The coffee maker, which is loud to begin with, sounds as if it is having a fit. Wonder what that is about? Two minutes later decide to go check.

Someone didn't quite get the carafe under the spout. Some coffee made its way into the pot; some didn't. Since the machine sits on an island with a drop leaf, most of the errant coffee followed the demands of gravity, ran to the crack where the drop leaf meets the table, and flowed to the floor.

Sigh. Well, washing the kitchen floor was on the agenda for this weekend, anyway.

For some unknown reason, the coffee grounds decided to jump ship as well, splashing up over the filter and landing in the water reservoir. Run a half pot of plain water through to rinse it out, wipe down every surface, inside and out. At this rate, I may actually have a cup of coffee to drink around noon.

The moral of the story? Apparently, I need to have a cup of coffee before I make the coffee.


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