Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Everything old is new again

For a while there, every time I'd visit Pam, I'd sit down in a certain chair in her family room and tease her that I might come back in the night and steal it away from her.

She'd just laugh.

The chair isn't anything unique or fantasitic; an olive green tweed rocker recliner, you could probably find its sister almost anywhere. But the chair simply fit. My legs are proportional to my overall height, but at not quite five foot four inches tall, I find that my feet tend to dangle a bit if I sit all the way back in most chairs.

We won't even dicuss the barstool issue.

For a number of reasons, Pam had to redo the seating arrangements in her family room. As a result, the wonderful little chair has come home to live with me. I'm inordinately happy about this; I don't think I was this thrilled when my new living room furniture was delivered five years ago.

Now, however, the hard work begins. The living room needs to be rearranged to accomodate the chair. When I finally move, assuming that the main bedroom is bigger than the almost ten foot square space I currently have, the chair will live in the bedroom as part of a cozy reading corner. For now, however, everything needs to be shifted.

Pictures will follow, once I figure out what I'm doing...

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