Saturday, May 30, 2009


Halfway through the weekend, and it seems I have little to show for it. Where has the time gone? I can only account for part of it...

Friday after work, I headed for Target. Once a month, generally on payday or shortly thereafter, I make the trek to the dangerous aisles of the retail jungle to stock up on the basics. The route is preplanned to be free of tempting distractions. Still, I managed to hook some Goldfish that weren't on the list.

I'm not exactly sure where the rest of Friday evening went. I know I had dinner, and decided to just chill and watch a movie that was actually a four hour made for tv thing. I'd seen the first half already, so I pretty much skimmed through that part. Still, it was late to bed...

And late to rise. After getting up for the regular 4:15 a.m. bathroom stop, I went back to bed and kept resetting the alarm. Five-thirty, six-fifteen, must have been just before eight when I finally got up for good.

Back in March, I had to replace the bathroom overhead light bulb. Shortly after that, one of the two bulbs in the overhead in my bedroom burned out. In order to change that bulb, I need to move the bed, so...I haven't done it. It's not as if I use the overhead in there for more than five minutes a day.

Last week, one of the two bulbs in the overhead in the office burned out. Again, I usually have the full spectrum floor lamp on when I sew, and don't really need as much light from the overhead. Until today...I flipped on the light, and the second bulb promptly burned out. This morning found me up on a step stool, still in my nightie, taking off the light cover and changing the bulbs, all the while thinking how many lovely, sharp edges and expensive toys are in the office on which to fall...

I still haven't replaced the one in the bedroom, but when I do, both are being changed as a precaution.

While I know I made up a menu for the month and a corresponding grocery list, as well as picking up parts of the house, I'm not sure where the rest of the morning/early afternoon went. The intention was to go to the Farmers' Market at opening, browse a bit and take some pictures before heading off to do some studying. But my phone needed a charge (it's just over two years old and the battery isn't fond of holding a charge anymore); that was all the excuse I needed to lollygag around for another hour plus.

Home to finish picking up, eat dinner, and spend several hours trying to make my mind up at Amazon. This is one of the strangest orders I've ever placed, though I can't talk about it right now.

Duh - that's where the later morning went - inputting the checkbook into Quicken and achieving that magical three-way balance amongst the checkbook register, Quicken register and real-time on-line bank balance. I hadn't entered anything in Quicken since about 4/20; I use my debit card for everything, so there were quite a few transactions to catch up on.

Bah. I've hit the time of night when stupid sets in. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, but can't get up enough energy to get up. Church, grocery store, cleaning and a possible viewing of the Milwaukee IndyCar race tomorrow afternoon. It's fun to open the front door to listen to the track noise while watching the race; the abrupt drop in noise outside my door signals the caution flags about fifteen seconds before the television broadcast catches up to it. If the wind is in the right direction (as it was today) you can hear the track announcer as well.


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