Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So far today...

A monster thunderclap made me fear for my life around 4 a.m. Sadly, I was already mostly awake when it had been raining, but not storming, before the deafening crack. It seemed to be a freak, as nothing before or after came close in intensity.

Around 7:30, all the power suddenly went out at work. It flickered first, which does happen every so often, but then completely cut out. I was in the middle of an update on one of the campus systems, an update I tried to do Monday and couldn't because the system itself had issues. When the power came back on just over a minute later, I was relieved to see my computer was fine. Had to start over on the update, however.

A coworker was not so fortunate. She wasn't even here when the power went out; her computer was completely off during the power outage, but as she discovered when she tried to turn it on later, it was apparently fried in some way by the on-again power surge. This is not the time of year to be dealing with computer problems.

On the plus side, someone brought in Panera bagels for their birthday treat. I went into the kitchen to get a coffee refill, and spied another coworker trying to get her bagel piece out of the toaster - with a knife, with the toaster still plugged in. When I mentioned I hadn't had CPR training, she laughed, unplugged the toaster and grabbed a plastic fork to dig out the bagel.

Trying to clear some things off the desk. Now that the first run of stuff for year end is in, I can settle in and run through some reconciliations. I'd looked at them before we close, trying to catch any egregious errors, but now I can finalize most of them, then move on to the audit workpapers. Regular work doesn't stop, either.

I took a vacation day for the last day of this month, to go in and have my hair professionally colored for the first time in almost four years. A hair cut is also tentatively scheduled - still not sure what I want on that front. Even the color is up in the air - while I will not go blonde (nothing against all you natural blondes, but blonde on me would be both too hard to maintain and a train wreck with my skin tones), light(er) brown, golden brown, medium brown and auburn are all on the table. This will be all-over color; the one time I've had highlights, we discovered (the hard way) that the only way to do it successfully is to bleach out the strands to be highlighted, then color over them. Not fun.

Coffee break is over - back to it. Updates, rantings, drivel and other content may continue to be light for the next few weeks.

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