Friday, July 17, 2009

A cozy evening

The sky is rather bruised looking, although it's only yielded sprinkles thus far. The high temperature today was sixty-one - the average high for October 2nd, and about fifteen degrees below normal. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same.

I love it.

No great plans are on the agenda for the weekend, so I'm starting out slow. The dinner dishes are done, a chocolate cake baked, the stove and countertop cleaned up. Clothes round up (both clean and needing laundering) is next, followed by coffee (decaf - I'm no fool), cake and a couple of episodes of season three of ER whilst the washer does its magic.

Out early tomorrow, as I've lots of reading to do. Back before lunch to put on a big pot of French onion soup. If I remember, I'll pick up yeast on the way home; if I time it right, I can have a fresh loaf of bread to go with the soup.

Lots of puttering-type cleaning needs to be done, and those darn quilt tops are still sitting in the dining room to be layered. With the cooler weather tomorrow, I won't mind as much crawling around on the floor over/under various layers of quilt top, back and wool batting.

This week has featured a constant stream of friends and relatives of friends who've needed prayer for health and job issues. The puttering around the house offers a perfect opportunity to continue to lift them up, holding an internal (mostly) dialogue with the Lord as I cruise through the cleaning.

It works for me, anyway.

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