Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every good policy has at least one exception

As my friends know, I have a strict "no showtunes" policy. That policy almost caused a riot on a road trip to Spring Green one summer, when the other three occupants of the car wanted to queue up a long list of show numbers on the ipod. Heh. My car, my rules.

This doesn't explain, however, the fact that I can sing the entire score from South Pacific.

The blame for that rests with my mother, who owned a set of 78 rpm records of the musical, with Mary Martin and Enzo Pinza. (I fully realize anyone under the age of forty probably has no idea what half of that sentence means).

While channel surfing a while ago, I ran across a Great Performances broadcast of South Pacific in concert on one of the Spanish language stations. In general, the cast is pretty good, although Alec Baldwin as Luther Billis - no, just no. He's already lost his place in the script once (and you can see he has his part highlighted), and he flat out can't sing - and fortunately doesn't try.

The broadcast is in English, with Spanish subtitles - I'm happy as a clam singing along.

Not quite sure what my landlords think...

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