Sunday, July 12, 2009

The best laid plans

Sometimes, it simply doesn't pay for me to attempt efficiency. Saturday, the quilt shop I frequent had one of its quarterly "bonus bag" days. A long time ago (before "green" was cool) I bought a canvas bag embroidered with the name of the shop. Any time your purchases fit into the bag, you would receive 10% off. On bonus bag days, the discount is 19%.

Unfortunately, sewing machines don't fit in the bag.

I spent the morning and early afternoon at Pam's for a craft day*. Smart cookie that I am, I moved the canvas bag from the trunk of the car (where it lives) to the front seat, so I'd remember to go to the quilt shop, as Pam's house is a third of the way there.

What I forgot - until I pulled in to the parking lot of the quilt shop - is that I had taken the store credit card out of my purse the weekend before, as I prepared to go out of town. The credit card that gives me three months interest free on purchases, making it much easier to budget the once-a-year quilt shop splurge.


Yes, I did drive home, pick up the card and drive right back, getting back to the store half an hour before their 4 p.m. closing, just in time to buy the yardage I needed for a quilt back. I saved roughly $17 on my total purchase; my gas cost - for two trips - was about $8.70.

At least I came out ahead.

*This was a story in itself, as due to miscommunication and changed minds, Pam ended up with two of her grandkids, but without their cousins, who would have kept them occupied. They are darling kids, but things didn't quite go as planned there, either...

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