Friday, July 10, 2009

Is it really Friday?

This is the worst week of the year at work - lots to do, but people late in getting things in. Lots of political maneuvering, making life more difficult than it needs to be. By the end of the day Wednesday, I had almost as many hours in as I usually put in during a regular week...

Slept in a bit today - need to have blood drawn, and since I need to be fasting, I much prefer to go first thing in the morning (so do you - cranky with low blood sugar). The bloodsuckers don't open until eight. Meantime, I'm downing glass after glass of water, as nothing is more miserable than having someone try to find a vein when you are slightly dehydrated.

Tomorrow is an abbreviated craft day; Pam needs to leave by three to get to another event. She's making brunch for us, but given that her twin sister is joining us, we may not eat brunch until lunch. Pat tends to be late, as in hours late. No big deal for this - just sitting around, poking away at some handwork and yapping a lot. If we keep this up, I may actually finish the miniature Baltimore album type wall quilt I'm working on. I knew I should have gone with machine applique rather than hand applique...

Laundry, cleaning, studying, reading in service Sunday and baking some bread round out the weekend activities. At least, that's the plan now.

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