Friday, June 26, 2009

Two hours, fourteen minutes

Not that I'm counting. I'm just now eating lunch, though I've been here since six-thirty or so. A colleague suggested I shut the office door in order to get something done, but that doesn't stop the phone or e-mail. Everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW, in spite of the fact the error they want me to correct for them is one they made back in, oh, September.

It's always like this at the end of the fiscal year, but that doesn't make it any easier. Regular work goes on, plus the double burden of getting once-per-year adjustments in and audit papers prepared...then the looney requests.

I'm off on Monday and Tuesday, which in terms of workload, probably isn't a good thing, but will do wonders for my sanity. A friend and I are going to the French bistro for early lunch/late breakfast on Tuesday. If the wine and food are good enough, I may stay all day.

In between, many things to do. The missing debit card turned up, which is a story in itself. The house desperately needs cleaning, but only if it is below 83 degrees/65 percent humidity (that would be indoors, not outdoors). Laundry must be done, French practiced, a lesson plan prepared and much, much sleep slept.

Due to the very real possibility of my computer melting during the heat wave, I've taken to turning it off overnight, often not booting back up until after dinner. Being a little less plugged in is nice. Not that I've done much with the extra time except sweat...and de-mold the shower curtain liner right before I went to bed. No ventilation in the bathroom + no air conditioning + ninety degrees for several days + high humidity = yuck.

Probably TMI. The weather really needs to change.

Not sure what tonight's plan is - stay home and start cleaning, go to bed really early, or take myself out to a coffee shop and work on the paperwork stuff. Whichever I chose dictates the plan for tomorrow...

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