Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can I have a do-over?

Putting pantyhose on early morning, discover hole. Not wanting to struggle with new pair as I'm in a hurry (late for Bible study), I decide to throw a pair of sandals in the totebag to change into (sans pantyhose) when I get to work.

Halfway to restaurant (still late), realize I forgot the sandals.

Get ready to leave restaurant after study, discover my debit card is missing. Used it last night, am 99% sure I put it away. It isn't anywhere. Use the $10 cash I've carried around forever to pay bill.

Get to work, barely get daily posting done for a vacationing co-worker, and general ledger system blows up (this one, at least, is not my fault).

Turn on radio, always tuned to syndicated Christian radio. Any time it is hazy in the city, reception is fuzzy. Half an hour later, realize I'm listening to ugly lyrics attached to even uglier music; the station had changed all on its own. Turn off radio, turn computer speakers on to listen to radio through computer. Have issues with volume control (too loud)(which at this point is a good thing, as I'm very...sternly...talking to inanimate objects).

System fixed half an hour later. Try to log in to query tool. Login fails - cannot connect to database. Report problem.

Move on to alternate query tool. Start working on stack of stuff that really needs to be done.

Computer tech comes in to office - no clue on what is wrong. Maybe try rebooting. I'm in the middle of something - will reboot later.

Look something up for co-worker related to transfer another department made. Other department did not transfer enough, can I run special reposting of budget transfers around lunchtime? Extract promise of chocolate if I can.

Call last place debit card used; not there. Call bank, put account on hold, planning to take look around house for card, though I know it's not there. Realize this messes up all plans for next two weeks. Fat chance getting replacement card before holiday weekend. Do retailers even accept checks anymore?

It's not even noon yet.

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