Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday morning randomosity

Spent last evening with a group of lovely ladies studying the first of the prophetic dreams in the book of Daniel. This is a follow up to the Revelation study; although I presented some of the information from Daniel as an "extra" during that study, this is a chance to really dig into it. We're only covering chapters 2 and 7 - 12.

The prep for the study must have clued me in to dreams in general, as I had a doozy Monday night. At the end of the dream, as I was waiting for a bus on the corner of Kinnickinnic and Lincoln, my purse was stolen. The feeling of panic that ensued felt very, very real. My mind started to race - how could I track it down? It was vitally important that I retrieve it, as I was on my way to Mike and Kim's wedding and it contained something needed for the ceremony, without which they could not wed.

Never mind that the bus doesn't run from the south side of Milwaukee to the wedding venue in Tomah, three and a half hours away.

I had just figured out a possible course of action and the panic was subsiding - naturally, that's when I woke up. I'll never know if I was able to find it...

One would assume Kim won't trust me with anything vital to their ceremony if she hears about this dream.

Heh. The university is offering a four hour class for employees on Facebook and Twitter. While I suspect it is meant to keep the academic side of the house up with the social networks their students are using, fully half of our administrative office is signed up for the class.

I wonder if there would be work repercussions if I refused to friend a co-worker or boss?

Sweet Holly asked me last weekend to be the designated Scripture reader for her and Chad's wedding. I am honored and delighted, but also in a tizzy; I have nothing to wear. Once I got to thinking about dresses, it led naturally to shoes and thence to purses, jewelry, haircuts...

Thanks to our use-it-or-lose-it policy on administrators' vacations, a good portion of our office is on vacation over the next week. Personally, I'm very good at taking the vacation allotted to me, but even I have one day to use up. I've also earned an extra day off as a reward for completing a certificate program some people in one of Finance's other divisions cooked up. It's a self-study program covering seven different personal and professional development areas. Oddly enough, only two people in the department earned the certificate - both of us are in the Comptroller's Office; no one from the division that dreamed up the program completed it.

So...I'm off both Monday and Tuesday next week, with the following Friday for the holiday. Time to go shopping, I suppose.

Hot, hot, hot. The evening news showed a segment where an egg was fried on the hood of a black car...I wondered what that spot was on my car. Heat avoidance techniques are in full swing. The never-quite-enough a/c at work is doing its best.

But can someone tell me who on earth opened the windows in the conference room?!!!

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