Saturday, June 20, 2009

Showers of shoes blessings

Dear friend Holly is getting married shortly, and her family held a surprise wedding shower this afternoon out at her aunt's lake home. The darling invitations at left were hand crafted by her very clever mom and aunt. There were four different shoe designs all told; the theme was a hit, as in addition to walking down the aisle soon, Holly loves shoes.

Though not as much as she loves Chad.

Two friends rode out with me, as the venue is a good forty-five minutes or more away. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to get me turned around (and if I had followed my first instinct and kept going the way we were going outside of Eagle, we would have been fine) but we were having such a good time yakking in the car...we ended up getting utterly lost heading back toward town instead of west driving in a big circle on an adventure.

No problem - a couple of calls to the hostess and one of the girls manning a full size map, and we still were there twenty minutes before Holly was due to arrive.

I'm blaming that little extra excursion on peri-menopausal brain.

Holly, who, if I remember correctly, does not like surprises, nearly fainted at the sight of twenty people jumping out at her. She recovered in time to eat a wonderful lunch and open her gifts. (Err, personal aside to Holly here - I didn't really expect you to be that embarrassed at the gift, though I should have known that if you didn't know about the shower, you wouldn't have time to steel yourself against the possibility I'd really follow through on that conversation. I'm pretty sure my entire reputation is blown, now; I wonder how many people will be looking at me sideways at the wedding?) I hope she is feeling as cherished and loved as she should be after a fun afternoon.

Forty-two more days!

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