Sunday, June 21, 2009

Semi-obligatory Sunday afternoon food post

While it is a pleasant 68 degrees outside with very little humidity, standing over a sink full of hot water and dirty dishes indoors is a bit like spending fifteen minutes in one of those wet, misty saunas, fully clothed. Ugh. But dishes needed to be washed…

The last of the bread dough is currently in the “rest” stage in the rough shape of a baguette. In a brilliant move, I returned the library books (due tomorrow and Wednesday) on the way to church this morning. Although I remembered the baguette uses whole wheat flour on the bottom rather than corn meal, I’m not entirely sure it bakes at the same temperature and for the same time as the boule loaf…

The bread is related to the dish washing, as the bowl the bread dough occupied is the yellow Tupperware Monster Mixer of Many Meatballs ™ bowl. The baked bread from the baguette goes with the many mixed meatballs made from the Monster Mixer of Many Meatballs ™ bowl for lunches next week.

Um, Fox in Sox, anyone?

Dinner is to be a repeat of last Sunday’s dinner, though I may give the wine a head start; the bread won’t be out of the oven until at least 7:15 (and you really do need to let it cool before cutting – the crust is better that way) and the many meatballs need to simmer in the sauce for a few hours. I started this post around six-thirty; I'm hoping the golf broadcast runs a few minutes long. in order to give me time to brown the meatballs before vegging out in front of Merlin.

Nothing like a little fantasy to end the weekend.

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