Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loaf number one

Straight from the refrigerator:

One quarter of the bowl, pulled out, stretched and tucked under twice, taking a grand total of thirty seconds. Now it "rests" for forty minutes. Why yes, I did rather use an over abundance of cornmeal. Better too much than too little the first time, not wanting it to stick. It's not baked on this pan, but slid onto a very, very hot baking stone. The cornmeal is for slip.

Just before baking, dust the top with flour, make several 1/4" deep slashes. Why yes, I did overdo the flour, too. You have no idea how sticky this dough is.

Just out of the oven. The book very specifically says the bread has to be thoroughly cooled before eating.


I baked it for the recommended time, but it really should have been in the oven a tiny bit longer, maybe five more minutes. The crust should be two or three shades darker than this, and the very center of the loaf is a bit over moist.

The flavor is wonderful - just a tiny hint of sourdough, even though it's not made from a starter.


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