Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday - I need coffee version

The office coffee maker person is apparently off today, so you may need to wait while this pot brews through. After that, you will need to fight me for the first cup.

Quilt news: The quilt mentioned last week is progressing well, even though I’ve just had bits and pieces of time to dedicate to it. That will change this weekend; the plan is to complete the top and layer it up for machine quilting. With a little persistence, it may be done in about ten days.

Let there be…sight! Near the beginning of last month I went in for an eye exam and the almost-annual upgrading of the contact lenses. It’s been a very long time since I’ve ordered new glasses, but there are extra funds in the flexible spending account, so I went in and ordered new progressive bifocals. You’ll be relieved to know I passed on the deep fuchsia frames – they were very cute, but the earpiece stems felt flimsy. The olive green wires were too narrow, and the orange wires….let’s just say I’ve never liked orange.

The best part about the whole process is that the tech who waited on me is also a quilter! I mentioned that one of the reasons I wanted the bifocals was to be able to wear the glasses while sewing…and off went the conversation.

Changes: The idea of having glasses that I will actually wear (I wear the contacts all the time, which is not good for the eyes) made my mind skip over to the whole hair question. A friend gave me the number of her colorist, and I’ve done some preliminary investigation (love the 50% off one service for new clients!). The lovely extra “stimulus” money in the check this month will actually cover the discounted coloring (a bit of advice: check your pay stubs and do a quick calculation of how much federal tax you will have paid in by year end, now that the tax tables have been adjusted to reflect the new credit, compare what you will pay in this year to your total tax liability from 2008 and adjust your withholding accordingly. You don’t want to be caught short at the end of the year).

Where was I? Right – hair. Once I figure out when exactly between now and June 30th I can take my last six days of vacation, I’ll make an appointment. Maybe. If I don’t chicken out.

Now that the Revelation study is done, I'll have more time to pull my thoughts together and put up some Quiet Time files posts that have been floating around in my head. The bones of the posts are written, in that I always do a bit of journaling on each days' reading, but trust me, you really don't want to read my unedited ramblings!

Quiet weekend ahead. Once again I'm exhausted at week's end - too much staying up late/getting up early during the week. The weather may be warm enough to open up the windows and air out the house (hopefully warm enough without pouring rain, that is). Regular errands to do, nothing too stressful.

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