Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring spruce up

It is so much easier to spruce up here than to actually clean my house. Though sadly, the sprucing up here has gone so quickly, I do have plenty of time to do a good pick up around the house (er, yes, I do still have a set of snowman plates hanging on the dining room wall - they were a gift from a friend (who will give me no end of grief if I don't take them down by Memorial Day weekend, when she is coming over for a visit)).

The picture in the header is a picture of an old tin I have, that once contained pretty stationery. The new camera has a delightful range of lenses, including a digital macro lens, with which the original picture was taken. A little bit of magic with the Kodak software, and you have a fresh bouquet for the header.

If only there were a software application that would clean the house...

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