Wednesday, May 06, 2009

If Lost is on, it must be...Wednesday?

Long, long days this week. A co-worker is in Orlando at a conference, along with all of our finance system technical gurus; I'm her pale shadow of a backup. Did I mention this is the critical period for April closing?

To alleviate some of the stress, I've spent what I can of the evenings working on the comfort quilt. It's not gone quite as quickly as it could, owing in large part to my inability to count to 188 in multiples of four.

Don't ask.

Last night I was able to finish piecing the individual blocks and sort them into stacks for each of the five columns.

If you look, a "block" consists of a stripe of two joined plaids, a narrow brown strip, another two joined plaids and then a much wider piece of brown. The plaid end will be joined to another block's brown end. The plaid sections of each column are offset against the plain brown of the column next to will make more sense when I have a picture; I'd better get to work, huh?

Several of the plaids came in 60" width; as the quilt itself is only 54" wide, I don't have to piece the backing. I'm not entirely pleased with the fabrics, but considering it took twenty minutes to pick out, it's pretty good. Once a quilt is quilted, things often look different.

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