Friday, April 03, 2009

Week's end 040309

At long last the end of this week is in sight. It seems as if I’ve been running after work every night this week – oh, wait – I have. Sometimes it was a short trip, like stopping at City Hall for a parking permit and sometimes it was a bit more complicated, like tonight’s grocery run.

Especially when you manage to forget to get a couple of things that you really, really need.

Tonight is a quick push on cleaning, then some planning for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow is a craft day with a friend, and I need to figure out what to work on. If there’s time tonight to pull fabric from the stash, I can cut fabric for a scrap quilt tomorrow. If not, I have the never-ending, batik-on-black, mini Baltimore Album hand appliqué to take along.

Sunday afternoon I’m meeting a delightful young friend for lunch and talk. While we keep up via blogs and facebook, it’s nice to actually sit in the same physical place every so often to talk.

In between and around everything, I’ve another lesson to prepare. Only four more weeks of the study left; I’m ready to take back the seven or so hours a week of prep and meeting time.

A week or so back, the clerk at McDonald’s dropped a portulaca seed packet into my bag. If she had known my track record with flowers, she wouldn’t have bothered. Still, this weekend I may drop them into one of the big flower pots I have (hope springs eternal, leading to three or four large planters holding the desiccated remains of past floral adventures hanging out in the basement) and see what happens.

If you've ever wondered about other people's experiences with and understanding of prayer, take a look at this post of Lindsay's. She's been putting up searching posts regarding the Christian walk periodically, and the comment discussions are always worth reading.

I'd better go work on another, more complete shopping list, or I may end up standing in Target tonight wondering why I'm there.

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