Wednesday, April 01, 2009


April fooled us, indeed, by coming in with overcast skies and...threats of snow. Flurries, most likely, but still more of the white stuff. It's to be expected, but it gets tiresome not knowing whether to wear boots, take the umbrella (missed on that one yesterday - got drenched on the way out to the car after work), bring the snow brushes in from the car or take the sun shade out to the car...


As of last night, the evening study is 2/3 of the way through Revelation. It's not been easy, given the myriad different interpretations, theories and rather odd speculations that have built up around this particular book over the years. The study guide we're using takes a literal view to interpretation - while much of the language is imagery (describing things John had no experience with and sees in visions), the passages should be interpreted as literal events. This approach is not only one of the most prevalent in evangelical circles, but also, at least to me, makes the most sense, particularly in the context of the whole of scripture. Still, in order to cover the material thoroughly, presenting some of the alternate interpretations along with the mainstream, I'm spending a good five hours a week in prep time, and could easily spend more.


The morning study is going over the same material, though we started much later and cover much less at each meeting. The dynamics of the two groups are markedly different. It has to do with our understanding of God's character - His whole nature, as opposed to the parts of it that are attractive to us. This is still whirling around in my brain as the subject of a future post, but what it boils down to is that we need to have a more comprehensive understanding of God's nature (to the admittedly limited extent of our minds' ability to comprehend) in order to make sense of His plans.


May I rant a bit? It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to, rant if I want to...

Bob is on vacation this week. Bob comes in to the office insanely early, but he also makes the coffee, so it is ready and waiting when I arrive sometime before seven. By the time the other two java drinkers roll in at eight or so, we've gone through about two-thirds of the pot (for all I know, given how early he gets here, Bob may have gone through an entire pot before I get here - that would explain a lot). By the time I go to get my second cup around nine, either I need to make coffee, or Bob has just made another pot.

The rant? I made coffee on my way to my office Monday, then made a half pot around lunchtime solely because I wanted another cup. None of the other coffee drinkers ever make the coffee, much less rinse out the carafe. In fact, since I brought a latte in with me yesterday morning and some McD's swill today, no coffee has been brewed since Monday at noon. I know this because the same inch of liquid that was in the pot after lunch on Monday is still there today, Wednesday.

No, I do not plan to clean out the pot.


I received a wedding shower invitation this week, for a dear young friend who is getting married in July. Although I hate wedding showers with a white-hot passion, I plan to attend (yours as well, Holly!). As they are doing the recipe card thing (invites come with a recipe card on which to write your favorite recipe to give to the bride - with some brides (not Kim, apparently), a list of the closest restaurants along with copies of their take out menus seems more appropriate) I will most like give the kitchen appliance from their registry that goes along with whatever recipe I pick.


This wedding will be my summer vacation, as it's out of town just far enough that I don't want to drive out and back in the same day. I've scoped out the lodge at which their reception is being held (even with the discount, it's too pricey), the motels in the area (one up the road is a little better) and, thanks to a co-worker, a resort in a town about half an hour from the wedding site. That resort is in Reedsburg...the object of taking an extra day in the area was to visit a wonderful quilt shop in - you guessed it - Reedsburg. The Voyageur Inn (their spelling, not mine, believe me) offers phenomenal packages, along the lines of 2 nights, 2 free drinks, 2 free breakfasts and all taxes for $129 total. Joanne has stayed there, and from what she says, it's pretty nice.

Assuming, of course, that I can drive half an hour in the dark on country highways after a wedding reception. Good thing I rarely drink.


Busy weekend coming up, with fun things and wonderful people.

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