Saturday, March 28, 2009

This was the view out the front window when I got in the car to come home from Starbucks about 6:15 p.m. It is a strange sort of snow - golf ball sized clumps of snow mixed with needle-like sleet - and not at all pleasant. Tomorrow morning will be unpleasant indeed, after this all freezes.

While it may be nasty outside, inside it is quite nice. I spent last night and this morning scrubbing and waxing the kitchen and bathroom floors, doing laundry, changing the linens and the like. While the dining room table is still piled with stuff and some dusting and vacuuming needs to be done, I've petitioned the boss for the night off, and she said yes.

It pays to work for yourself.

Anyway, I've got Stan Kenton in the CD player, salmon thawing for dinner, a decent glass of Chardonnay and a couple of books to read, or a movie to watch. At least for tonight I'm cozy and content.

And that really is enough.

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