Sunday, April 05, 2009

Out of words

The plan was to put up a Quiet Time files post tonight, but I have used up most of the day's quota of words having lunch with the lovely Holly. We met for lunch at 1 p.m. At three my pastor and a couple also on staff at church stopped at our table to say hello, as they had arrived to have a staff meeting (our church rents a school for services - other meetings are held in a number of other places).

Kevin and Stacey stopped at our table to say goodbye when they were about five.

Holly and I finally left just after 6 p.m. - five hours after we sat down.

I suppose if I tell you that I'm normally pretty reticent, you won't believe me, will you?

Holly and I met when she had pigtails halfway down her back and a huge smile as she ran around the AWANA circle. The smile is still there, though she doesn't wear pigtails quite as often. We covered everything from her wedding plans, to the economy, female issues, hot (or not) movie stars, the difficulty of explaining blog friends to non-blogging friends, workplace frustrations and cute shoes. What fun it is to have Holly as an adult friend!

I am, however, out of words. Tomorrow is the dreaded trip to the eye doctor. The new vision insurance seems a bit confusing; I have a suspicion that less of the exams (eye exam and contact fitting) will be covered under the vision plan than it was under the major medical plan. Still, if I have new lenses made for my old glasses frames, I will save enough to pay the vision premium for the next 17 years.

Yeah, my prescription is that strong.

Can't see the screen too well (wearing 10 year old pair of glasses - the older pair lets me see better than the newer pair right now - go figure) and out of meaningful things to say...

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