Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Now that's a new description of heaven

Tonight's study covered chapters four and five of Revelation, where John describes the glimpse of heaven he is given. We were discussing what our reactions would be should we have had his experience.

One woman said she expected to be absolutely overwhelmed - "I went to see Elvis when he was here in Milwaukee (April 1977). I told my husband I just wanted to go hear the music and see him, that I wasn't like all those women who were screaming and waving. I'm much more reserved than that - I'd never do that."

"But wouldn't you know, as soon as the concert started and everyone was screaming and crying and jumping, I felt the urge to do the same."

"I'd imagine it will be a bit like that - we will loose all reserve and worship with complete and total abandon."

That may be the first time adulation for the King has been compared to worship of the King of Kings.

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