Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not what I intended to do tonight

But it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Back in January, my dearest friend had me over for a dinner on my birthday. The gift she had for me was wrapped in gorgeous paper - a periwinkle lace-patterned background with stripes of a floral motif.

She thought I was a bit nuts when I insisted on taking the wrapping paper home with me (actually, even though she was convinced I would be living in the asylum before my next birthday, she insisted on getting me a fresh piece of the paper - she really is a keeper!). You see, where she saw disposable paper, I saw a blog header.

It's a sickness - seeing quilting patterns and motifs in flooring, bathroom tile, even grave markers; I once copied a gorgeous vine pattern for machine quilting off of the marker of a mass grave of British and American revolutionary war soldiers in Monmouth State Park (what else is there to do in New Jersey?).

Scan, crop, resize, then change the background and font colors. Now things look a bit more like spring.

If only the view out my window matched the picture on the header!

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