Monday, March 09, 2009


Things to do when forced to wait for the sun to come up (because it's daylight savings time, and the sun now comes up an hour later) and warm up the air enough to melt the ice formed between the car door and jam due to the rain yesterday followed by frozen temperatures overnight, preventing either driver or passenger side door from opening (the doors are frozen, not the locks), forcing postponement or possible cancellation of early morning plans with a friend ON MY DAY OFF and delay of myriad errands that must be done today:

  • Find and print twelve copies of general timeline of Revelation for study.
  • Calculate one-quarter of current world population, then figure out way to make ridiculously large number more accessible and visual.
  • Climb on rickety step stool and change bathroom overhead light fixture bulb from 60 watt to 100 watt.
  • Take all small base candelabra bulbs out of dining room chandelier. Remove ugly green glass fake drip pans from fake candles, wash, dry and replace. Replace 4 of 5 bulbs with new, higher wattage bulbs. Replace fifth with old burned out bulb, hoping you are placing it in the particular candle that is permanently shorted out.
  • Put away small tubs of buttons and miscellaneous craft supplies.
  • Replace curtain that hangs over closet doorway whose tension rod fell down two four weeks ago.
  • Deal with various pieces of mail.
  • Make list for errands.
  • Write stupid blog post out of frustration.

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