Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confused, more so than normal

The nicest thing about having yesterday off was the extra day to let my system adjust to the change in time (believe me, what with the frozen doors, climbing over the console to get in the car, odd dragging noises and quick trip to the mechanic, I was grasping at any way to redeem the day).

My arrival at work this morning was a bit later than usual. Though I don't officially start getting paid until 7:30, I'm generally here almost an hour early. Due to other circumstances, it was just after seven when I sat down at my desk...

...and discovered that the time on the display on my phone had not yet been advanced an hour.

This really is confusing, as that is the clock I glance at throughout the day. The time on the computer, however, is correct. I hide my taskbar; now I need to mouse over to find out what time it really is. Apparently the help desk (IT Services control the telephone system) was notified yesterday, but they've not yet responded.

I may resort to setting the alarm on my cell phone to make sure I leave work on time.

Update: Well, at about one the clock finally changed to the correct time. Unfortunately, there must have been a miscommunication over at ITS, because it just jumped ahead another hour. I actually did check my phone just to be sure...

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