Saturday, February 07, 2009

Vacuum the bears

Perform minor surgery on the shredder. Find a place to keep the replacement marbles and the age-defying magic wand. Try to remember who the eleven known Cylons are.

These and more are the answers to the question "What is Diane doing on the warmest, sunniest day since mid-October?"

On the theory that most of Milwaukee would be out enjoying the weather, I've opted to stay in and catch up on much needed cleaning and such. Since I need to move the car to the other side of the street before midnight, I may well venture out for coffee after dinner, hoping that everyone else has returned home.

The bears did need the vacuuming. I don't actually collect Boyd's Bears, although I have four five six of them. Three plush bears sit in the little upholstered armchair my grandfather made for me, and every so often, both the armchair and the bears need more than a simple dusting. Is is bad of me to envy the wardrobes these bears have? Two of them have darling hand-knit sweaters - one with leaves knit into the front, and a darling contrasting scalloped edging.

In spite of the fact that I keep taking quick breaks to watch a bit more of BSG (on DVD), I'm making progress. The dust (and hair - when my hair is this long, one stray hair makes a dust bunny the size of Kansas) is much easier to see when the sun is streaming in the windows.

Speaking of windows, I suppose those need cleaning, too...

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