Thursday, February 05, 2009

Friday quick takes 020609

1. I was Facebook when Facebook wasn't cool...I know I joined prior to August of 2007, as I have a note written dated in that month. At the time, a young friend mentioned her Facebook page casually, and I asked her if she minded if I joined up, just to keep track of her life between our too-infrequent lunch dates. Me and "social networking" - I'm not exactly a social butterfly. It is amusing, however, to see many of my age friends signing up, whether for their own use, or to keep track of kids.

That said, I hardly use it, dropping in to see what's up with others, but rarely even changing my own status, and almost never adding apps or sending things or any of the other myriad possible uses.

2. God bless America...Twelve women invade a local Starbucks, commandeer a corner, pray out loud and begin to discuss the book of Revelation. Nobody raised an eyebrow. Never, ever take our freedoms for granted.

3. Il est cinq heures...When checking your answers, Rosetta Stone does not have the ability to discern between a wrong answer that is simply a wrong answer, and a wrong answer that is the result of having forgotten how to read an analog clock. I'm just sayin'.

4. My muse is hibernating...Sorry about the dearth of quality posts lately. I'm tired, I'm busy, I can't seem to put two sentences together. It's not so much that I feel I'll never get caught up; rather, I don't seem to care if I ever get caught up.

5. Dizzy, my head is spinnin'...Literally. Every so often, I have a couple of dizzy days. It's disconcerting but not dangerous - short attacks of vertigo. My doctor thinks this is related to the fact I have sensitive sinuses - they don't like change in pressure, will often back up (without my getting a plugged up nose, oddly) putting enough pressure/fluid in my ears to cause the spinning. Not fun. Working on getting everything working again, but it takes time.

6. For four consecutive Saturdays I will be sitting in a classroom instead of out having fun, taking two courses to complete a "Certificate in Management". It started with taking the MAPS course, and one other fun course about fifteen months ago. Although we've officially stopped offering the certificates, as a number of other schools in the area offer them (it wasn't a money maker for us), anyone who had taken the MAPS test and done at least one other course considered part of the track can still earn the certificate.

Considering how highly I scored on the MAP, I can't see the courses adding too much to my existing skill set, but I usually come away with at least one new idea.

7. Finally Friday...well, no. I do realize it is Thursday, but my mind will be blank tomorrow morning (see #4) so I'm posting while I can.

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