Monday, February 02, 2009


So how did I do? Meh. I actually wasn't as successful as the crossed out items would lead you to believe.

I did indeed stop at Borders, which did not have the product I wanted. That, in turn, made the stop at Joann moot. I tried to go to Target Saturday...the parking lot looked like the fields around the Brickyard back in the heyday of the 500. For that matter, the cars cruising in circles looking for parking spaces seemed to think they were the next generation of Andrettis.

"Cook for the freezer" is technically half done; I assembled and froze the patties for cajun burgers, but have not yet made the mini italian meatloaves. The burgers are great quick dinners - take one out in the morning before leaving for work, grill when I get home. The little meatloaves are frozen fully cooked, and are great for lunch.

A few more things may be finished tonight, but even while typing this I've thought of more for the list.

It never ends, does it?

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