Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good intentions...

...pave the way to hell, or so they say.

In spite of the impression the dearth of posting may be giving, I'm not closing up shop here. I've simply been busy, ill and incapable of putting several thoughts together in a row. Lots of things are floating around in my brain for posts, but they seem to evermore drift in and out of my consciousness, destined to never enter the pixel world of the Internet. Some of those thoughts, in brief:
  • Sacrifice, the meaning of "give ups" during Lent and at other times, and Luke 9:18-7, among other passages.
  • How clutter gets in the way of creativity, and how that is related to God being a god of order.
  • Whether or not the fact that the dryer makes noises like a herd of cats being skinned, but functions well in all other ways, is a legitimate reason to pay big bucks for a house call and possible repair on a thirty year old appliance.
  • The inescapable fact that whenever you are experiencing upsets and trials in ministry, you can be sure that someone doesn't want you to be effective.
  • Meditations on what I'm going to do with the incredible $40 per month ($10 per week) that, beginning April 1st (oh, the potential richness of riffs on that fact!) will stimulate me to spend, spend, spend what little the government has left me in order to help fix the economy.
  • How much to have taken off on my annual spring hair mowing hair trim, or whether to spend some of the remaining tax refund to actually have something done to it...who knows what, though.
  • Several Quiet Times files ideas - love the Old Testament, even the detailed descriptions of how the Israelites were to camp around the Tabernacle, the specific order things were to be packed up and how they were to be transported. Fascinating.

If I can find the computer at home (see second bullet point) perhaps more stimulating content will be up tonight. Until then, feel free to just say hi in the comments (and some of you lurkers can delurk for that, you know! I do know who you are (your location and ISP, anyway)) or cruise around the archives.

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