Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday randomosity

  • This six days a week thing is really wearing me down, even though the class on Saturday isn't exactly high stress. I've gone to bed before eight the last two nights, sleeping an hour later in the morning as well. No such luck tonight - have to still be awake late, so I can move the car. The landlord's daughter is apparently having a party, and when I came back from Target, there were no spaces left on the correct side of the street.
  • It took all day to summon up the energy for the Target run. In a flash of brilliance, I decided to do what I do at the grocery: put the debit card in my pocket and lock the purse in the trunk. Not having to keep track of the purse makes shopping easier. It wasn't until I got in the store that I realized my cute little notebook - with the rather extensive shopping list - was in the purse, in the trunk. But God graciously brought to mind the things that were necessities, and even led me directly to them in this monster-sized store. I even managed to remember to get a bit of cash back, in the correct denominations so I have funds for a possible haircut tomorrow.
  • CBS is showing a new "Jesse Stone" movie tonight. The movies are based, I believe, on Robert B. Parker novels. I'm not too much of a fan of Parker's, and the movies are not the most riveting. They do, however, star Tom Selleck, who has managed to age well, as most male actors do.
  • A good portion of the day was spent doing teaching outlines for Revelation 4 - 5. John is given a glimpse of the throne room of God, an incredible worship service. Music poured into my heart as I studied - I cannot count the number of hymns and worship songs that include phrases or images from just these two chapters.
  • Tomorrow is a vacation day, taken to offset the last two long weeks. The pantry is bare and needs to be restocked, prescriptions need to be picked up and a haircut is in order. Some freezer stocking needs doing, so there will be a bit of cooking. All this is contingent on my energy level recovering from today. I'm beginning to think I may have an iron deficiency. Spinach is on the grocery list, and I think I have iron supplements around here somewhere.

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