Friday, January 23, 2009

Not that I'm really complaining...

...but Blockbuster by mail messed up - they sent me five new movies instead of three.

I'm in a pretty good pattern - I receive my three movies sometime Wednesday - Thursday, view them over the weekend and mail them back Sunday or Monday, to repeat the cycle. I did notice they sent an unusual number of "We have received..." and "We have shipped..." e-mails but didn't realize until taking in the mail tonight that they did indeed ship me five movies rather than three.

This presents an interesting problem: When I send these five back, will they mistakenly send me five more? The one previous time this happened (albeit with only one extra movie, not two) it took them a couple of cycles to recognize the error. Since it is absolutely impossible to contact a live person via e-mail (believe me, there isn't), I can't let them know what's up.

I suppose I'd better go add more movies to my queue.

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