Sunday, January 04, 2009

All good things eventually come to an end

Only a few more hours of vacation are left; I'm busily tidying up the house (it seems to have messed itself up again - funny how it does that) and readying things for tomorrow morning. A tuna casserole is going in the oven soon, meant for dinner tonight and lunches for the next few days. A fresh box of kleenex and a beautiful calendar are already in my work tote. I'm considering setting the timer on the coffeepot so I can take some of the cinnamon coffee with me to work (and avoid having to drink the office slop), but I'm not sure I can carry it. I'm also not sure I remember the code for the outer door keypad...

It has been a good vacation...long coffee dates with friends, a little quilting, a little sewing, some reading, some writing, a nap or two and some fun events. Thanks to several late nights in the last few, I'm not exactly rested in body, but certainly am in spirit.

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