Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some days you just want to go back to bed

I was sleeping so well this morning. I should have known getting up wouldn't be pleasant.

Today is garbage day. I did what I usually do the morning of garbage day - empty the questionable contents of the refrigerator into the trash so I can take it out. Got halfway down the basement steps before I realized I'd not tossed the closed bag down the stairs - had to go back for it.

Four cars in front of me at the drive through, and the slowest clerk on record apparently working solo. Ten minutes to get through the line.

Unaccountable slowdown on the freeway, almost to a standstill. Stupid Ford F250 tailgating me. Traffic finally eased up about half a mile from my exit.

Departmental meeting Thursday. Agenda and attachments came out today. Apparently, the listening sessions the VP held last spring yielded over 250 "suggestions". Now they want to form half a dozen committees to act on them. Naturally, they encourage everyone to participate in at least one of them. I already work an extra day a week for free - now you want me to give you more unpaid time? There's going to be some push back on this.

Really want to just go home and veg after work, but I have a hair appointment. On days like this, I seriously consider giving up on coloring it, to let it go natural, whatever that may be. Mostly grey, I think.

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