Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday lint cleaning

- The Brewers are officially out of running for a post season berth. Spectacular collapse for the team that was leading their division for most of the summer, but not unexpected. The team seems to peak around the all-Star break, then start the inevitable slide out of contention.

- This going to work in the dark stuff is for the birds. The sun doesn't come up now until after I'm usually at work. It won't be too much longer until it sets before I leave. Season of the mole people, coming up.

- Speaking of seasons changing, Monday evening truly marked the first full day of fall: I almost ran over a goose in the condo complex. I had turned the corner onto the road off which my driveway leads, and right in front of me stood two geese. In the middle of the road. Not moving. Huh. I didn't stop. Slowed down a bit, until I saw the goose in the line of fire kind of open its eyes wider and scuttle off to the side of the road. I do mean scuttle; it moved faster than I've ever seen one move whilst still on the ground.

- More autumn news. The trees in the complex generally haven't started turning yet, except for the one right at the driveway turnoff. That one has a few golden leaves clinging to one side, and nothing but dry brown ones on the other. A half mile or so away, along the main boulevard, there are two flaming orange trees in the midst of nothing but green. This year is going to be a strange one for colors changing.

- Meanwhile, it's going up to the mid-seventies this weekend. Sunny, too, from what I've heard. A trip out to the quilt shop may be warranted, not so much to shop, but to enjoy driving in the country.

- A wonderful young man, whose whole youth has been focused on becoming a Navy aviator, is being released from the Navy in January due entirely to budget cuts. Mind you, he is being released with a degree from Annapolis plus an additional eighteen months of training. His mom said he seems to be handling it well. Me? I'm steaming. Whether or not you agree with the defense cuts this administration continues to make, spending all that money to train someone, only to release them (with no obligation to repay, nor for future service) is truly a waste of taxpayer money. The time to cut the class size is during the admittance process.

- I don't know much else. Sewing this weekend, as well as rearranging the studio. Still have to clean (well, not "still" but "ever and ongoing, never ending, always needing to be done again just when you think you've finally finished it").

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