Thursday, September 18, 2014

Picking your brain

Last year, i did a variant of the 31 Days challenge for October, by posting a picture of a quilt each day.

As it does each year, October is making a return appearance. So is the challenge. I'd like to participate, more officially this time. In order to do that, I'd need some sort of organizing topic.

This is where you, my two gentle readers, come in. What topic would you tolerate me blathering on every day for a month? More quilts? Faith? Cooking? Gardening failures? Traumatic childhood? Organizing? Finances? How to keep the pile of clothes on the floor in the bedroom organized?

I don't claim to be an expert on anything, nor that it will be quality writing.

Put your suggestions in the comments. If no one comments, I'll be forced to come up with something on my own, which might not be the best thing (then again, I may not take any of your suggestions either, since I'm a waffler like that).

What do you think?


Diane said...

Possibly a short Bible study, zipping through one of the shorter NT books at 30,000 feet?

melissa said...

Silly girl. I'd have posted earlier but my darn Feedly deleted some blogs I'd listed. Hadn't known you'd been writing, thought you'd taken a brief hiatus, and no, here you go talking away, and I didn't know.

About that topic, I always enjoy your food posts. But that's an open suggestion. Your quilt posts last year, was that really last year?, were amazing. I don't have anything to parade to the masses except wayward children, and then, not a month's worth! ;)