Friday, August 08, 2014

The end is nigh

No, not THE end, but the end of the-summer-that-wasn't.

Our weather pattern has been one of a long period of rainy, cooler than usual days followed by very brief warm ups. We have yet to have any day at ninety degrees or higher; that isn't unheard of, but is infrequent enough to be surprising. People who enjoy hot, steamy days and temperate nights have not had much to be happy about.

That group doesn't include me.

In fact, I've been thinking about fall decorations, food and activity for the last month. Now, it seems, others have gotten into the autumn spirit.

On the way home from work last night, I saw a flock of geese.

This wasn't a rag-tag, motley little five bird crew wandering from one urban watering hole to another, but a twenty-five or more bird, v-shaped, turning and wheeling, ready-to-migrate flock.

Woo hoo!

There are, of course, two sides to this. While I applaud the early end to summer (and honestly, summer has been so much like the indian summer days of early October there won't be much of a transition), my fear is that the early migration preparation indicates what will be an early, snowy winter.

Eh, whatever. Snow means more inclination to stay inside, in front of the fire with hot chocolate and a book.

Time will tell whether last night's flock was a sign of fall or an aberration. Me? I'm pulling out the fall themed linens tonight.

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melissa said...

Well, here in the South, summer finally arrived once August hit. Heat index of 104 scheduled for tomorrow.

Lit a pumpkin tart the other day, pretending, at least in my head, that fall is on its way. Might take awhile. But, I can honestly say I've enjoyed our weather. Not dry as usual, but manageable.

Have a nice weekend, pet.