Friday, August 01, 2014

Speedy drive by

I'm out of work in fifteen minutes, so this is a quick one.

Off to finally pick up a picture I had framed. It's been done for over a month, but I've been avoiding the fabric store. The framing booth is aaaaaaall the way in the back, so you have to walk past all the tempting stuff on the way to your destination.

Fortunately, I have a treasure in my possession: a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase, sale or regular price. Woo hoo! I planned to pick up some decorator fabric to make a valance for the bedroom windows. That fabric is currently 60% off, so with the other discount stacked, the total savings will be 70% (do the math).

I took a quick look at their website, looking to make sure the fabric I've been craving is indeed on sale. It is, but it is available on-line only.

Where the coupon is not valid.


I'll be looking for a different choice once I get to the store. If need be, I'll just get the one on-line for 60% off. I have a free shipping code as well, but I doubt I can stack them.

Cleaning, an oil change and some sewing for the weekend. I have an aunt and a cousin coming to lunch in two weeks, and I'd like to have everything really spiffed up by then. The first floor is fine, but the loft is rather disorganized. And dusty.

Assuming the hit or miss showers forecast for tomorrow are mostly misses, I'd like to made dinner on the grill. It's easier for me to grill a lot of stuff infrequently, if you follow me. It's pretty silly to fire up the grill for just one, maybe two servings, even if it is a smaller grill. But if I cook an entire package of Italian sausage at once, and maybe a couple of chicken breasts, grilled goodness is available for meals all week, without having to use up more charcoal. Smarty-pants me, huh?

Do scroll down - I just realized my scheduled July book post didn't actually post - I've got it fixed so you can see it.

That's about it. I'm planning to enjoy this weekend, as it's the first "summer day" weekend I've not had plans right after I get off early on Friday. Of the remaining four, I have events on two. Need to hang on to this summer treat, even if we haven't actually had much summer weather (July finished 3.6 degrees cooler than average - no 90 degree days at all yet this summer).

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"Do scroll down." Sounds so down home. ;)