Thursday, August 28, 2014

Good thing I *like* being at home

Getting around this weekend is going to be a bit problematic.

This weekend is the big Harley Davidson rally. Most of the events are held down at the lakefront or at the dealerships, fortunately. Unfortunately, at least for this weekend, a rather large accessory and clothing store is located on one of the main drags from my place to...everywhere.

The police have already put up signs that the road in front of the House of Harley, a two lane in each direction boulevard, will be restricted to a single lane in each way, in what is normally the westbound lanes, from today through Monday. They are doing this to allow the customers and other bikers to use the eastbound lanes for parking.

I can go around the bottleneck easily enough, for the things I'm planning to do.

On Monday, things will get a bit more restricted, though in a different direction. The POTUS has decided to make an appearance in one of the few states that still support him (though with only a 45% approval rating).

Assuming the media is correct, and he is coming in to speak at "Laborfest", a union-sponsored, union-pushing "festival" down at the lakefront, and assuming the motorcade takes the shortest, fastest route, I'd expect the portion of I-94 between Mitchell and I-794 to the lakefront to be closed for most of his visit, most likely in both directions. Not that they will tell us that ahead of time.

I feel a bit sorry for anyone planning to drive that route - or trying to fly in to or out of Mitchell - on Monday.

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